Traders banned from business at opposition functions

Negri Sembilan executive council member in charge of agriculture, agro-based industries, entrepreneurial and cooperative development, Yunus Rahmat,  has issued a stern warning in Kuala Klawang, here, yesterday,  reminding all vendors, petty traders and hawkers who open up stalls or booths at opposition party functions may have their licenses revoked.

He said his office did received some public complaints recently about traders who were setting up stalls at the vicinity of a political ‘ceramah’ or talks organised by opposition party.

He said, it is unacceptable to set up stalls at opposition functions using the facilities and the equipment provided by the government.

Yunus was quoted as saying so in a report yesterday by the online edition of the Malay daily Sinar Harian.

“We found that traders were putting up umbrellas that were provided by the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) at a political talk organised by PAS in Kampung Bukit Serambai,” he added.

Yunus, who is the also the Kuala Klawang assembly person said, he has already directed the district FAMA’s officers to monitor the activities of these traders and to report to him.

Adding, he said, it is understandable for traders to earn some side-incomes and they may not necessarily be opposition party supporters, but since the traders will need to give 30% of their earnings to the talk organiser, the traders are indirectly supporting the opposition party.

He reiterated and said, if traders were caught doing business at any opposition political function using government facilities or equipment, their business license will be revoked immediately and the equipment will also be confiscated or compounded.

Yunus told reporters after an umbrella presentation ceremony to 10 traders organised by Negri Sembilan state FAMA office.

The state FAMA director, Abdul Rahman Sulaiman was also present at the event.

Rasah MP Anthony Loke slammed the statement by Yunus, calling it an “abuse of power” by the BN-led state government for partisan purposes.

“The allocations are to help hawkers, it is up to the hawkers where they do business. They have to go where there is opportunity for business.

“If they have to sell their goods at an opposition ceramah, will Yunus buy them new umbrellas and equipment? If their wares are unsold because they can’t sell there, will Yunus (right) buy their goods?” lambasted the MP from Rasah.



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