TOLAK EDL gaining momentum

The TOLAK EDL movement spearheaded by Steven Choong, the organising chairperson and Jimmy Puah, the organising vice chairperson after the press conference on the 17 Feb 2012 is gaining momentum, as NGOs and people from all walks of life came forward in solidarity to assist in gathering signatures from the public in Johor Bahru.

The public is protesting against the proposed exhorbitant EDL(Eastern Deployment Link) toll charges imposed on users and non-users of the highway.Additional toll of RM12.40 need to be paid for those going to Singapore in addition to the existing RM2.90.

This will have a great impact on not just residents but there will be less tourist coming to Johor Bahru and businesses will be greatly affected .

At least 10,000 signatures will be presented to the Prime Minister on the 7 March 2012 with 2 demands.

The 1st demand is to remove the toll booth from the CIQ and the other demand is to review the toll rates and come up with a reasonable charge which is acceptable by the public.

“TOlAK EDL” facebook has also been launched to disseminate information on any developments both from the movement and action if any from the government