Wake Up Call on February 21

A global campaign dubbed “Wake Up Call” will be launched on February 21, 2012 with thousands of young people around the world calling on their political and business leaders to wake up and take action.

Their demands which are specific, straight-forward and achievable, relates to jobs, a cleaner environment, political accountability, better healthcare, education and equality for all.

To mark this day as an international day of action, young people in more than 80 countries will be urging those in power to tackle pressing issues in the home countries by phone, internet and going down to the streets.

Wake Up Call Malaysia is also part of this global movement, spearheaded by a group of youth leaders nationwide who are dedicated to bringing a positive impact to our country.

Malaysia Coordinator, Choo Choon Sian, 23, realized the seriousness of brain drain when he was studying abroad as he noticed the majority of his peers refused to return home. He decided to take action to put a halt to the efflux of our skilled talents in conjunction with Wake Up Call global movement.

At the launch event – One Young World Summit in Zurich, last year, Sir Bob Geldof issued a challenge to more than 1200 young delegates: “I’m dying to see what you guys do.” Seven young ambassadors representing the seven continents took to the stage and responded: “World this is your Wake Up Call” before announcing a day of action on 21st February 2012.

For further information please contact: Choo Choon Sian, Malaysia Coordinator at 0164332917 or [email protected].

Wake Up Call Malaysia’s website: www.wakeupcallmalaysia.com

Wake Up Call Malaysia’s Facebook: www.facebook.com/wakeupcallmalaysia

For more information about One Young World please visit: www.oneyoungworld.com