BJCC management: Golfers should behave like gentlemen

On 2nd February 2012, Citizen Journalist Edmund Lee covered a protest by a group of golfers on the newly implemented buggy rule at the Bukit Jambul Country Club.

The protest was followed by a police report lodged against the management of the country club.

The golfers subsequently staged another gathering to call on Lim Guan Eng to intervene and assist them with their buggy fiasco.

Yesterday, The Bukit Jambul Country Club management organised a press conference to clarify matters regarding the series of accusations made by the club’s golfers regarding the buggy rule issues.

The club’s Managing Director Datuk Eiro Sakamoto explained that the reason behind the buggy rule was inherently to deal with the rising cost of running the Country Club. The fee implemented was to help with the running and maintenance of the golf course.

He further explained that the management is legally allowed implement the rule and to which only 50 people of the 2,800 members were kicking up a fuss on.

He urged the golfers to behave like gentlemen, that they should register and pay the fees before playing on the course.

Also present at the press conference were the Chief Operating Officer, Johnny Khoo and a member of the club known as Yeoh.