Smooth operators: Group caught shoplifting on CCTV

This footage which was taken from 2 CCTV cameras from a shop in Senai, looks like a family shopping spree. It soon turns into an illicit activity when the group begin to saunter around the shop slowly collecting items chosen by the man in Yellow T-shirt.

The women would then slowly slip the items into their clothes and walk away.

This incident took place on February 7, 2012 at about 1.30pm and was captured on CCTV.

The shoplifters walked away with health products like Proviton and Pharmaton multivitamins. The shop owners incurred a loss of approximately RM930.00

A police report was made after the thieves absconded in a black Honda CRV.

Harian Metro yesterday reported an uncannily similar case where a group of 10 believed to be a family were caught in a similar act on CCTV in Malacca.

They were believed to have stolen RM1,600 worth of goods comprising of milk items.

The shop owner Robert Chong, 48, said the incident took place around 5.25pm on the very same day as the footage taken in Senai.

It is believed that this group has been committing the crime for a long period of time judging from their sleek and almost unperturbed operation.

Another disturbing fact is that the group seem to be comfortable shoplifting from stores equipped with CCTV.

A police report was made at the Balai Police Tanjung Minyak, Malacca.

The police has requested that the CCTV footage of the theft be uploaded to Youtube so that both the public and retailers may be made aware of this syndicate.

Citizen Journalist, Fung Lee Jean provided CCTV footage after downloading it from the shop-owners in Senai. The shop-owner has requested not to disclose names for security purposes.

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