Photo blog: Goat farming the natural way

The UK Agro Resort, situated in Kluang, Johor was developed by the Agricultural Ministry and Agro-Based Industry. On the UK Agro Resort is a UK Farm reputed for being Malaysia’s largest sheep farm with over 100 acres of grazing land for over 4000 sheep.

The UK Farm is self-sufficient and practices modern techniques in goat and sheep rearing.

Alongside that, they have 15 acres of passion fruit farm with its own passion fruit manufacturing station.

The UK Agro Resort provides visitors an authentic farm experience both educational and leisurely. A wide range of facilities such as restaurant, farm mart, conference room, chalet, dormitory, barbeque area, open stage, camp site and karaoke will make a memorable stay.

It is an ideal destination for everyone to escape from the hectic urban lifestyle and enjoy various recreational activities not available in the city.

Citizen Journalists Malaysia toured the UK Farm to find the experience most uplifting.

4000 healthy goats on 100 acres.
The amazing tree house on the UK Farm.
A clean and safe haven.
The native way of bird-catching.
Native houses for rent on the UK Agro Resort.
Direction to the sheep pen.
A visitor maybe?
Handle with kid gloves.
Machined feeding bottles.
Hay stack for a rainy day.
Respect for animal life - all goats have a safe place to sleep.
Far from the madness of modernisation - the UK Agro Resort provides for a relaxing getaway.