Shafie Apdal on the royal commission of inquiry (RCI)

Rural and Regional Development Minister Mohd Shafie Apdal held a press conference immediately after the opening of the MIPEX 2012 exhibition in Dewan Utama Menara MARA on May 29, 2012.

He gave his take on questions raised by the press.

On the question of the setting up of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah, who were given MyKad, Apdal’s answer was to wait for the outcome of the investigation.

When asked about the rumours that he might be selected as the next Sabah chief minister, he said it was up to the prime minister, and that he was only a party member.

When questioned about former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s statement that UMNO is weak and not in a strong position for that the 13th General Election, which he think should be held after the Raya Puasa, Apdal stated that we should wait for the announcement from the prime minister.

To a question about his opinion on a Najib and Anwar debate, he said he does not believe in that and that debating is a western culture.  He said the government should be judged for the work that it has done so far.

Video by: Christine Leong, Citizen Journalists Malaysia.