The Mayor of Kota Kinabalu wishes Komunitikini readers good cheer

The Mayor of Kota Kinabalu, Abidin Madingkir, sends his regards to readers.
As a first Christian Mayor of Kota Kinabalu, he conveys his Christmas and New Year best wishes to all.
The Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the Sabah Council of Churches jointly helped in a week’s Christmas celebration at the Gaya Street area and next to the city hall.
The celebration was very well received by both locals and tourists with carnival fair and choir performances.
Abidin Madingkir led his officers and staff to meet the community of Kota Kinabalu with problems at a public session at the foyer entrance of the Kota Kinabalu City Hall recently.
Among those who turned up were some buyers of the abandoned Star City Shopping Mall in Kota Kinabalu which was supposed to have been completed by now.
The mayor promised to look for a win-win situation to help the buyers with the project developer who handed over a memorandum on their situation requesting for official intervention and resolution.
He intends to call for a meeting with all the stakeholders of the commercial project that was to be developed by A. C. Property Development Co. and the relevant government departments like the Ministry of Housing and Local Government and state agencies especially the Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) and the Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC), the land owner on which the project is sited.
The problems of abandoned projects are all over Malaysia and Sabah is not spared of this malaise which requires government intervention to prevent and revive such development for public good. The victims of the abandoned project hope to have a better year in 2012 with cohesive solutions.