Survey: Malaysians prefer accessing web via mobile devices


InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, today said a survey of web users including 1,091 Malaysians found that 57 per cent of the Malaysian respondents primarily or exclusively accessed the web via their mobile devices.

The research was conducted in partnership with market insights firm Decision Fuel, using their innovative mobile-focused research platform.

The study covered 14 key markets across Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America, surveying 16,000 consumers overall, including the web users in Malaysia.

The InMobi “Mobile Impact on Media Consumption in Malaysia” report also revealed that mobile was the top media choice for Malaysians using the web.

Commenting on the study, Inmobi Vice president Global Research & Marketing, James Lamberti said a new wave of mobile consumer behavior was creating dramatic changes in Malaysia’s mobile landscape.

He said increasing access to better features, applications and services has made it easy for consumers to stay connected and consume relevant content while on the go.

“While this consumer acceptance is great news for advertisers hoping to connect with consumers on this new screen, it is also essential for them to respect the personal nature of the medium and be mindful of how they use it. Mobile ads must be mobile-optimised, of good quality, and should add value to the consumer to maximise brand impact and ultimately increase the bottom-line,” he added.

The survey revealed that for web users in Malaysia, mobile was now on par with television and laptops/desktops in terms of share of mind.

On average, mobile web users in Malaysia consume 6.5 hours of media daily of which 27 per cent/103 minutes is spent on mobile devices for activities other than calls or SMS including playing games or surfing the net, 26 per cent/99 minutes on watching television and 23 per cent/89 minutes on going online via desktops or laptops.

This time spent is not always exclusive time, as 28 per cent reported watching television and using their mobiles at the same time.

Twenty-six per cent of the web users reported that they went online via mobile only, 31 per cent said they went online primarily via mobile and 34 per cent evenly split their online hours between mobile devices and desktops/laptops.

These numbers are even higher than technologically evolved Singapore, where 27 per cent web users access the web via only their mobile devices while 26 per cent mostly access it via their mobile devices.

– Bernama