MBJB delight residents with prompt action

MBJB tried to remove unsightly posters stuck around Taman Permas Jaya.

On May 30, Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) took a stroll down Taman Permas Jaya and duly reported on the concern of local residents pertaining uncollected garbage in the area.

The nauseating stench and fear of the consequential health hazards was a grave concern in the neighbourhood.

Residents said that the menace had worsen as stray dogs have started to scavenge for left-overs from the uncollected garbage at the dump site.

The residents in Taman Permas Jaya have reported the unsightly garbage mess to Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) several times but to no avail.

Last Sunday, CJMY found that MBJB had taken prompt action and have cleared the unsightly and foul smelling garbage from Jalan Permas 9/12 of Taman Permas Jaya Johor Bahru.

Residents in the area were delighted at the efforts made by MBJB but were a little apprehensive that the solution was short-termed and that the garbage would eventually accumulate again as there is no proper waste disposal system in the area.

A much cleaner road without the garbage.
An almost unrecogisable difference.