PJS 1 folks given two weeks to decide on resettlement offer

The buyers of low-cost housing units of block E and F in Taman Petaling Utama, a number of whom living in the deplorable transitional longhouses in PJS 1, are given two weeks to consider a resettlement offer made by the Selangor state government.

Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said the first option is affordable housing at the price of RM99, 000 per unit. The 850 sq ft unit will consist of three bedrooms, two bathrooms and could be sold between RM160, 000 to RM180, 000 once it is completed, he said.

“The proposed Affordable Homes will be equipped with a mosque, non-Muslim houses of worship, schools, recreational facilities and structured parking.”

“Block E will be built up to 15 floors with 200 units in order to avoid congestion. Block F will be as high as 21 floors with 494 units,”

He said alternatively, the state can offer Lembah Subang low-cost flats unit for free, in addition to cash payouts of RM20,000 per family. The flats have been completed with CF and could be occupied at any time.

For the third option, he said, the State Government offers free low-cost units in Sungai Buloh, Klang and PJS 1 with cash payments of RM13, 000 per family.

However, Khalid said these offers will be void if the majority of buyers reject the settlement plan and wishes to continue with the construction of the original low-cost housing project in PJS1.

“We have no problem if the buyers turn down the three options given. We will proceed with the construction of the low-cost housing project according to the original plan,” he said.

It is understood that the house buyers can individually choose between the three options, but they need majority consent if they wish to retain the original low-cost housing plan in PJS1.

According to state records, a total of 276 names are listed as buyers, who will decide on the outcome of the resettlement.

“Poor people can’t afford”

However, the options drew strong criticism from the Block E Residents Action Committee Chairman, M. Sugumaran, who says the state should focus on reviving the two abandone blocks rather than to build higher-priced properties.

“We never asked them to build affordable housings. What we want is for them to be responsible for the abandoned blocks,” he told Komunitikini when contacted.

He also questioned the logic of having affordable flats, yet another high-rise building, on the same site since surrounding bungalow residents have applied for an injunction to stop the construction of block E before.

The injunction was a major strike to the buyers, forcing many of them to stay in the transitional longhouses until today with no choice.

“How come last time they did not allow a high-rise building but now they are allowing it?” asked Sugumaran.

He also bemoaned that units priced at RM99,000 are beyond the reach of the poor residents, who earn about RM1000 a month.

“Some of them are also retirees, how are they going to get a bank loan like that?” he said.

He also urged the state government to paint a clearer picture pertaining to the liquidated and ascertained damage (LAD) meant to be given to the buyers for the delayed completion, and the maintenance fees they were supposed to pay after moving in.