Angry Birds, Maharaja Lawak top local Google searches

Google today revealed that the fastest rising searches on for this year were facebook, angry birds and reality TV show Maharaja Lawak.

In a statement today, it said America’s Next Top Model, X Factor USA and  also America Idol 2011 were the most-searched TV shows this year, while iPhone5, iPad2, Samsung Galaxy and Adroid were the most popular tech-related searches.

For searches on people, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars topped the list, which includes international music stars Avril Lavigne, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, whose face topped the list of most popular image searches.

The fastest rising Malaysian searched was Cikgu Shida, who has garnered a large following miming to local and international hit songs.

Other Malaysians in the list are young bloggers Fatin Liyana and Haniz Zalikha, politician Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, cleric Ustaz Kazim and muslimah headscarf fashion designer Hana Tajima.

The top international travel destinations searched were Kowloon/Hong Kong, Su Mei and Phuket islands (Thailand), folowed by Bangkok, Maldives and Disneyland Hong Kong.

Google spokesperson Zeffri Yusof said Google’s year-end Zeitgeist (German for “the spirit of the times”) — revealed through an exploratin of the search queries Google receives each year — is a cultural barometer that reveals just about everything that has people excited, curious or plain wanting to know more.

“From leaders, celebrities, current affairs to pop culture, sports and everything in between, search trends reveal what’s on the collective Malaysian mind,” he added.

– Bernama