Angry residents stage protest against proposed development

Over 100 angry residents and owners of Kiaraville, La Grande Kiara, and Tiffani Kiara Condos in Mont Kiara held a press conference and protest outside a vacant lot on the 1st of December 2011, to voice their objections to a proposed 26 storey commercial office block next to Solaris Mont Kiara.

Residents are furious that this plot of land, previously gazetted for institutional use in an
area designated for international residences, has been converted to commercial use for a
building of 26 floors of offices and 9 floors of car parking.

Representatives from the 3 condos had registered their objections and attended an
objection meeting/hearing held at DBKL on 16th November.

Research were presented to DBKL which showed that major infrastructural issues relating to the quality of soil, sewerage, agreed plot ratio, and many other requirements required by existing bylaws would be compromised.

The residents were taken by surprise when they heard that La Grande Kiara and Tiffani Kiara condominiums could not object based on an erroneously drawn up plan presented by DBKL.

The three condominium joint action committee is still awaiting confirmation from DBKL that this mistake would be corrected, and that all three condominiums has the statutory right to object.

They are also waiting for answers to the objections raised with DBKL which were fully covered at the DBKL hearing.

Segambut MP YB Lim lip Eng attended the press conference to support the objections. It
is feared that the proposed development will cause huge traffic congestion in Mont Kiara
by congesting an already dangerous corner scheduled to get traffic lights.

It also breaches the agreed plot ratio for the land as the proposed building would exceed the height of the existing low rise commercial buildings of Solaris next door by seven times.

The expat community and investors are furious that they have invested in Malaysia
following the government’s ‘Malaysia My Second Home Programme’, but is now faced with
contradictory and arbitrary commercial development applications.

By permitting the proposed development, it will threaten Malaysia’s reputation on a global investment stage as a country which upholds its promises to foreign investors, and undermines any future marketing of high-end international residential areas targeting foreign investors and returning overseas Malaysians.