KITA will not contest in coming general election

Parti KITA yesterday announced that it will not be contesting in the coming general election but will instead lend support to the opposition.

Previously, the party announced its intention to contest in the next general election and to cooperate with the ruling Barisan Nasional.

“We have made statements that we will participate in the coming general election, but we now wish to announce that, in the interest of maintaining solidarity with the opposition, KITA will not field any candidate if doing so will jeopardise the chances of an opposition candidate winning a seat.

“We will instead give unconditional support to the opposition in any way we can to ensure victory for the people,” the party said in a statement posted on its website

The party said unity demanded that smaller parties, such as KITA, give way to larger political parties in order to ensure optimum results in the elections.

KITA is currently headed by lawyer-turned-politician Zaid Ibrahim after he left Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) last year following a dispute over the the party polls.

Recently, KITA also faced an internal tussle which led to the sacking of three of its central committee members since its relaunch in January this year.

– Bernama