Anti-Lynas Occupy Balok Beach and Gebeng

This afternoon, at the Balok Beach some 10 km away from Kuantan town, some 300 protestors commenced the anti-Lynas Occupy Balok Beach campaign in preparation for tomorrow morning’s march to the Lynas facility at Gebeng Industrial Estate, to protest against the setting up of the plant here in Kuantan.

As of 10pm, supporters and visitors were still streaming onto the beach to lend support to the protestors, purchase merchandise, watch documentaries on Bukit Koman and Bukit Merah disasters and listen to speeches.

Many of the protestors pitched up their tents to spend the night at the beach while waiting for  supporters to gather the following morning before the march to the Lynas Facility to protest the setting up of the Lynas Plant here in Gebeng, Kuantan.

At the same time, Pro Lynas posters and banners were put up at the Teluk Cempedak Beach nearer to Kuantan.  Some 30 odd youths were spotted wearing pro-Lynas T-shirts while bicycling around the area.

The anti-Lynas stage and banners at the Balok Beach, under the watchful eye of the PDRM above.
Black and white coffins in front of the giant anti Lynas poster at Balok Beach.
Wordings on the banners show the sentiments of the protestors.
Almost 50 metres along this beach front was planted with anti-Lynas banners.
Visitors write messages on a large piece of cloth to voice their support while some protestors were busy printing slogans on T shirts for sale.
After sunset, the atmosphere at the beach was like a carnival as supporters and visitors drop by.
Many of the supporters pitched up their tents intending to spend the night at the beach before marching to the Lynas Facility in the morning.
A section of the crowd at night at Balok Beach listening to the speakers.
A cross section of the crowd gathering at the Balok Beach.
Some personalities spotted at the Balok Beach: National Laureate Pak Samad.
Some pro-Lynas posters were spotted at Telok Chempedak in Kuantan.

Around 30 youths were spotted a Teluk Chempedak wearing pro-Lynas T-shirts.

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