Fariz Musa: The scandalous cows

Chairperson of Jingga 13 and MPP Keadilan Fariz Musa from the PKR linked NGO presented various slides and spoke at length on the alleged misuse of RM250mil government soft loans given to the National Feedlock Corporation (NFC).

Speaking to about 300 kampong folks at Parit Darat, Muar yesterday he claimed that the soft loans were used for non-cattle rearing related matters such as purchase of luxury condominiums, prime land at putrajaya, luxury cars and credit card purchases.

Meanwhile ADUN Kawasan Maharani Mohammad Taslim spoke at the event put at ease the various communities present by explaining the understanding between the parties which make up PKR.

“Malaysia has everything, we have oil, water, oil palm, minerals and much more natural resources but due to a mismanagement of administration which gave priority to cronies, the rakyat have not been able to enjoy the riches of this nation,” he added.