‘Gebeng yang luka’ by Pak Samad

On the morning of June 24,  more than one thousand of the Anti Lynas Occupy Balok Beach and Gebeng supporters tried to march to the doorstep of the Lynas Facility in Gebeng Industrial Estate, about 30 km from Kuantan.

It was a  peaceful  march organised by the Himpunan Hijau Group to  protest against the Lynas rare earth refinery. However, they were not allowed  entry in the Industrial Estate which was condoned off by the police.

National laureate, A. Samad Said (popularly know as Pak Samad) recited a poem entitled “Gebeng yang luka” to the supporters from the top of a makeshift stage on the back of a lorry.

After that, together with the organising chairperson Wong Tack and PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu, they  took 12 symbolic steps into the Industrial Estate to signify the end of the march.

The scene at the Balok Beach on June 23, 2012. Black and white coffins and funeral banners lined up a 50 meter portion of the Balok Beach.

Messages on the banners convey the reasons behind the protest.
The supporters patiently listening to Pak Samad as he recites "Gebeng yang luka."
Pak Samad in the centre flanked by Wong Tack (left) and Mat Sabu (right).