Sungai Way temple relocation, an exalted occasion

At 11.45 am on July 7, the 38-year old Leng Eng Tian Khiew Ong Tai Tay Temple in SS9A/4, Sungai Way in Petaling Jaya is moving to a brand new and bigger temple in SS9A/5, less than two kilometers away in the town centre.

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Some images taken on the morning of July the 7th, 2012

Devotees gathering at the grounds of the old temple

All the temple statues ready to be moved at the auspicious time

Nine dragons lead the way to the new temple, 2 km away

The drummers

The chariot carrying the gods to their new abode

Temple mediums accompanying the chariots

Devotees accompanying the chariots

The procession weaving through the narrow streets of Sungai Way