Getting ready for the flood

Alor Setar residents are busy flood-proofing their homes in anticipation of the monsoon floods.

Low, a retired teacher, living in Taman Lumba Kuda, spends his evenings preparing planks of wood to make barriers for the doors in his home.  “Hopefully there will be no flood but I am doing everything I can to flood proof the house”  he said.

Margaret Leong, a teacher also residing in Taman Lumba Kuda said she has actually transported the family piano to her sister’s house in Penang.

“I have to raise most of my furniture onto bricks to prevent them from being damaged by  the floods.  The piano is very heavy” she said explaining her choice to give away the family piano.

Paul Lim, who was badly hit by the flood last year sold their home recently and decided to relocate to Penang.

“We are hoping that we will be able to move the furniture out of the house before the flood hits”  Paul said.

Last year their home experienced the flood for the third time and by far last year was the worst hit as the water level was thigh high.

In the past years floods would hit the state during the month of November – December.

All government bodies have been put on alert in preparation of the possible flood this year.