Self-help: Engineer writes book about feeling uncomfortable

Engineer by profession, stock broker by inclination, and Guzheng (Chinese Harp) player by enthusiasm, Tey Bin Yuen took 16-months to write his first motivational book.

At the “gratitude launch” of his book held at Crystal Crown Hotel, Johor Bahru recently, Tey played the Guzheng and thanked his friends for the “birth” of his book.

A gun-shy engineer, Tey stepped out of his comfort zone and won 21 awards in public speaking within two-and-a-half years.

The aspiring self-help coach wrote Life Beyond Comfort Zone based on his experiences and believes that people are able to discover vast potential within themselves – if they are willing to surrender their need for secure boundaries.

Life Beyond Comfort Zone offers a step-by-step how-to guide on introspection to consider his or her limitations, then how to “abrogate those mental blocks”. One is then persuaded to engage oneself in uncomfortable activities just to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.