Shukor: Dissolved State GLC spent millions on project

Photo by F3rn4nd0

Selangor opposition assemblyman Abdul Shukor Idrus (BN-Kuang) has cried foul that a subsidiary of Perbandanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS) has spent RM10 millions on futile cow and fowl pens despite being dissolved in 2009.

He told the state assembly during 2012 budget debate that the subsidiary, Selangor Oil Palm Industry Sdn Bhd (SOPIC) has spent RM5.8 millions in total for the pens in 2010.

“They picked LLK Construction to build the pens in Jelutong Jati, Sabak Bernam without open tender. I heard it was ill-maintained and many fowls have died in the pens,” he told journalists at press conference later.

He pinpointed PKPS general manager Ali Ahmad and deputy general manager Aqmal Azman Ahmad for abusing SOPIC’s funds even after the company was dissolved.

He claimed the company was having RM20 mil cash in the bank when it was dissolved under the reason of not generating profits.

The duo then sold all its palm oil plantations at a profit of RM90 mil, Shukor alleged further.

“Of Sept 2010, they have finished 50 percent of the RM20 mil cash,” he claimed.

KSSB came under fire

Meanwhile, T. Sivenelsan, a former junior executive in Selangor sand-mining subsidiary Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB), accused the company of practicing nepotism.

He claimed the company offers special privileges and projects to certain individuals.

“When I want to expose the wrongdoings, I was dismissed,” he alleged.

He claimed he received a letter from Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim on Sept 7, in which he was asked to be patient.

“But two days later, I was kicked out under the reason of not responding to a show-cause letter,” the 24-year-old claimed.

He also claimed he has contributed in increasing the company’s profits from RM8 million to RM23 million in a year.

KSSB has always been a brunt of criticism for Selangor opposition as there were reported cases of illegal sand mining.

Komunitikini was told that Khalid will respond to the criticism by tomorrow.