PPSMI: Concerned parents push for continuation

More than a hundred concerned parents from Petaling Jaya gathered at Taman Jaya, PJ to voice their support for the continuation of PPSMI. Calling themselves Concerned Parents of Selangor (CPS), they are backing Tun Mahathir’s call for the return to PPSMI.

Organiser of the gathering, Sam said that the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English will enable students to acquire proficiency in English while learning the contents and it will help with nation building.

A campaign to send personal letters of appeal to Prime Minister Najib Razak was initiated during the gathering.

Letters from parents and pupils supporting PPSMI issue were collected.

More than a hundred parents and students congregate to demand for the continuation of PPSMI
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Students and parent join forces to address the Prime Minister

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Their views expressed in both languages so as to have all parties understand their quest

Sam, the organiser for gathering explaining to parents and pupils the need for the continuation of PPSMI
Parents submitting their letters of appeal to the Prime Minister
PPSMI: where young and old unite for a common cause