Photoblog: A national park of unacclaimed beauty

The southern most tip of mainland Asia, a Ramsar site is Johor National Park Tanjung Piai.

In the district of Pontian, Johor, there lies a veritable ecological haven which marks the end point of south part of the mainland Asia- Tanjung Piai, one of the wetlands under the Ramsar site.

Best known as “The Sounthern Most tip of Mainland Asia”, Tanjung Piai Johor National Park covers an area of 926 ha with 8 km shoreline borders of the Straits of Malacca.

The extraordinary array of flora and fauna can be found in this park and more than 20 true species of mangroves thrive here.

As the traditional fishermen’s boats float by, one may also see the modern supertanker staying alongside them.

This will be a phenomenal sight and a humble reminder that you are standing at the edge of the world’s busiest waterway.

Welcome to Tanjung Piai.
The National Park's namesake.
The grand entrance.
The famous Jetty.
The broadway to the Jetty.
The many directions to different treasures.
The walkway along the national park.
Bakau Minyak.
One of extraordinary fungus found in the park.
One of the interesting species can be found in the park – the mudskippers which scientific name is Periophthalmus Gracilis which can be found from Malaysia to North Australia.
One of the Leaf Monkey swinging along the tree branch in the park.
This species is also called the Spectacled Langur.