Accident at Jalan Universiti leaves driver seriously injured

A two-car accident took place at Jalan Universiti at night recently involving a Honda and an Estima MPV.

Based on feedback from a few passers-by, the driver of Estima MPV car was driving along Jalan Universiti (from University Hospital direction), when a Honda suddenly surged out at the road junction opposite Jaya One.

The driver of the Estima MPV said that he couldn’t avoid colliding with the oncoming Honda car and was sad that the lady driver in the Honda car sustained injuries on her forehead.

He said the ambulance arrived about 10 to 15 minutes after the accident occured.

A medical team was seen rendering medical aid and rescuing the lady driver in a stretcher to the ambulance.

Police personnel in three patrol cars were seen carrying out their roles, including controlling the crowd and traffic flow.

One of the passers-by mentioned that within this week, a few other accidents have also taken place at this road junction, which has no traffic lights installed.

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