Thousands throng Sharir Samad’s open house in Johor Bahru

The raya open house program was continuous and so was the food. That was what was happening throughout the Raya open house of Johor Bahru member of parliment Shahrir Abdul Samad.

People of all races and from all walks of life thronged the Johor Bahru indoor stadium to wish Shahrir, ‘Selamat Hari Raya’.

Also present at the function was Mok Chek Hou, Adun of Stulang. When interviewed, he talked about the transformation that Malaysia is going through at the moment.

He said with the transformation the level of income will increase and the quality of life will improve. He hopes that all Malaysian will work together with the government to achieve success by 2020.

When asked to confirm about his not contesting his parlimentary seat, Shahrir declined to comment. Instead he wished everyone well.

A large group of cyclists from Singapore’s Ageless Cyclists and Ronda Riadah, Johor Contingent were there to join in celebration mood.

The group was just back from their trip to Legoland and the sight seeing of the surronding area.

According to Lim Tong Peng of Ageless Cyclists, Legoland was beautiful, and he hopes to visit Legoland again with more cyclists.

Malcolm Chen, managing editor of Ageless Travel Log, said although he is a Singaporean, he promotes Malaysia. He hopes more Singaporean will pedal to Malaysia, and with the Malaysian cyclists together to promote cycling as a family activity.