1,000 join MTUC picket in Penang

The heavy rain and thunderstorm in Penang yesterday did not deter more than 1,000 workers from picketing against the recent labour law amendments in Butterworth, on the mainland part of the state.

Led by the Penang division of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), the workers lined up the main road leading to Prai, carrying pro-workers posters as passers-by in vehicles honked loudly in support of the colourful crowd.

The crowd was initially small, but despite the continuous pouring rain, which pelted for about 40 minutes, it grew larger and soon exceeded 1,000 people.

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AMK members join the picket
United we stand against the amandments made to the Employment Act
Picketer holding a small poster near Padang Kilat, Seberang Perai


Picketers in Penang braved the rain to protest against the amandments made to the Employment Act