Anwar: Ertinya Kemerdekaan

Splaking on the eve of the 55th Merdeka celebration by the Pakatan Selangor State Government countdown in Dataran Shah Alam, Anwar Ibrahim the Malaysian Opposition Leader and Economic Adviser to the Selangor State Government said that the guiding principle of Merdeka is the guarantee of freedom for the people and that the country’s policy, welfare, economics and culture should be decided upon by the  people themselves.

Leading the Selangor State Government in the 55th Merdeka countdown is Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar of Selangor
Anwar Ibrahim in his walkabout to meet Malaysians from all walks of life at the Dataran Shah Alam
Anwar mingling with crowd and wishing Malaysians a meaningful 55th Merdeka
Anwar thanking well wishers and Pakatan supporters after the countdown