Villagers want logging stopped in Bukit Perak

About 3,000 villagers from seven villages in Padang Terap and Pendang have urged the state government to intervene and immediately stop logging activities in Bukit Perak to prevent pollution at the reservoir.

One of the villagers, Abdullah Shaari, 63, said they were worried that if the logging continued, it could cause pollution and sediment at the facility that was built by the Health Ministry 28 years ago.

Abdullah, who lives in Kampung Mahawangsa said the villagers depended fully on the water from Bukit Merah because the water supplied by Syarikat Air Darul Aman (Sada) did not reach their area.

“If all the trees are felled, there will be mud in the water and we won’t be able to use it for our daily needs,” he said.

“We want the state government revoke the logging licence in Bukit Perak; we hope the government sympathises with our plight,” he told a news conference.

The reservoir is being used by villagers from Kampung Rasau, Sungai Durian, Sungai Mas, Sungai Pisang, Sungai Siput, Mahawangsa and Titi Akar.

– Bernama