Mazlan Aliman: Social media is the only way to bring down BN

Speaking to a crowd of more than 300 people at Parit Pinang Seribu,Muar, Mazlan Aliman called on the muslim community not to be afraid of the propaganda that DAP will one day take over the government.

He allayed fears that the Malays will lose power if BN loses in its critical areas like Kluang, Gelang Patah, Kulai, Pulai,Simpang Renggam,Bakri and Muar.

“If thirty percent Malays in these areas lend support to PKR, we ares confident that together with the support from the chinese community, Johor will fall,” he added.

“The 13th general election is not about race but about unity and harmony.”

“Politics today is not about being Malay, Chinese, Indian or others. Today the people are looking for leaders who provide the best service, leaders who are fair, leaders who demonstrate integrity and a leadership that involves all races.”

“In spite of all what was painted about DAP, Mazlan speaking in defence of DAP said, even if DAP wins all the seats it contests, they will not be able to form the government, we are the majority.”

“I am not worried of the younger generation, they have access to information through Facebook, Twitter and blogs. The cyberworld is important , I am motivated by Facebook and can have access to my 50,000 friends on my group with a press of the button.”

“The social media is the only strategic way to bring down BN.”