Roswell’s UFOs inspire Bernard Chandran’s Area27

Hot models graced the side-street off Jalan Bukit Bintang in clothes by Area27

The shiny side-street off Jalan Bukit Bintang beside the Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall was turned into a runway for a fashion show during the launch of Area27, a new, stylish fashion store and gallery.

Collections by international labels are available at Area27
The street came to a complete standstill as statuesque sorts from Andrew Models strutted down the street to a soundtrack by DJ Arnold, and were warmly applauded by the crowd for being fashionable.
The spray-painted, graffiti art Proton Satria Neo occupies the front of Area27

Area27 is the baby of none other than Bernard Chandran, who officially launched his latest store with great pomp and fanfare in a street party attended by many of the city’s hip and stylish. And with the hostesses with the mostest celebrities came their fans, and all who showed up made it a a launch to remember.

This big: Bernard Chandran tells of the one that got away while MC Xandria Ooi looks on

Chandran arrived in style at the new store in a Proton Satria Neo with registration number plate Area27. The crowd cheered him on as he spray-painted the car and with help from his guests present slowly transformed it into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Henry (left) with sporty spice, Xandria Ooi

“Our Malaysian’s fashion scene will never be the same again [because] fashionable youth will soon knock their predecessors off their pedestals!” declared Chandran.

The store has a hangout area for budding musicians and another area for young artists and photographers to display their works.

Among the stars present were Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Henry, Sharifah Sisters, violinist Dennis Lau, Melissa Indot, Xandria Ooi and Will Quah.

Why did Chandran name his store Area27? The name Area mirrors the mystery surrounding Area 51 of Roswell fame, and ‘27’ is his birth date.

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