VoC calls for comprehensive sex education

In a recent case where a 21-years-old woman threw her newborn baby out of her third floor flat, much opinion had been expressed against the woman, notably on her being an unwed mother.

Voice of the Children (VoC), an NGO based in PJ, that advocates for children’s rights, in a press statement dated 21 Sept, called on the society to look at itself to ascertain what makes young mothers take such drastic action.

VoC felt that it is not fair for the society to condemn and vilify unwed mother as they feel this will only lead to abuse and violence against the foetus or baby.

Parents too, should support their children so that their children can feel safe to give birth due to unwanted pregnancies.

VoC felt that Malaysian society should not put on its high moral stand against sex and stigmatise unwed mothers.

The reality in life nowadays is that teenagers these days are having premarital sex, whether we feel it is morally wrong or not. Thus, VoC called for a comprehensive sex education to be implemented to reduce unwanted pregnancies and curb baby abandonment.

“How many more babies have to die before the government takes concrete action to prevent unwanted pregnancies from happening in the first place?” VoC asked.

“Preaching to young people against premarital sex will not stop them from having sex. In fact, this will drive them further to indulge in sexual activities in secret and as a result being forced to abort or abandon their babies to avoid public shame.”

According to VoC, a a study released by New York-based reproductive health non-profit organization, Guttmacher Institute in 2012, young people who had received sex education, including instruction on birth control, were more likely to delay sex and use contraceptives during their first sexual encounter.

VoC felt that teaching youth about sex does not necessarily encourage sexual behavior but instead empowers youths to say “no” to sex and teach them about the usage of contraceptives should they decide to have sex, which will prevent unwanted pregnancies and can lead to baby abandonment.