Ahmad Hasbullah: Army could instill patriotism among youth

Involvement of youths in the Territorial Army can help build a high level of discipline and inculcate love for the country among them, said Army deputy chief Lt Gen Panglima Ahmad Hasbullah Mohd Nawawi.

He said the military knowledge provided to these volunteer reserve force members would be very useful for them.

“We encourage youths to join the Territorial Army to prevent them from becoming aimless and from getting involved in negative activities.

“When they apply the military knowledge gained in their daily lives, it will indirectly help them become the second line of defence if the nation needs it,” he said to Bernama after launching the Segambut, Putrajaya and Kepong Territorial Army companies, yesterday.

Ahmad Hasbullah said youths’ involvement in the Territorial Army was in line with the recommended overall defence concept of having a Territorial Armycompany in each parliamentary constituency.

During the event, 230 Territorial Army members, including civil sector staff from the Road Transport Department, National Institute of Public Administration and Defence Ministry, showcased their hand-to-hand combat prowess and skills in self-defence.

– Bernama