Two men found dead under bridge in Perak

Two men were found dead and another seriously injured under a bridge at Km8.9 Jalan Gerik-Kupang, about 190 kilometres from Ipod, yesterday.

Perak CID chief Dzuraidi Ibrahim told Bernama the two bodies and injured victim were discovered at noon by a passer-by searching for fern shoots under the bridge, who immediately contacted the police.

He said injured man had wounds on the body and head. No identification documents were found but the injured man was identified as Amjad Rehman, believed to be from Pakistan and in his 30s.

The bodies were sent to the Gerik Hospital for post-mortem while Amjad was also sent to the same hospital for treatment.

Police believe the victims were thrown off the bridge four days ago but the motive is still being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

According to Amjad, the incident occurred four days ago when they were taken by an employment agency to Penang to meet a man called Rana.

However, they were robbed by a group of men in Gerik and beaten until two of his friends died before they were all thrown off the bridge into a 50-metre deep ravine.

– Bernama