Life’s a chicken coop for Penan with kids in school

For the sake of their children’s education, a group of Penan parents have decided to hang up their hunting tools and set up home in an abandoned chicken coop.

Now, 106 people share the re-configured coop, where flimsy plywood riddled with holes separate each family’s living quarters, and they all share a common bathroom.

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Malaysiakini Exclusive: Life’s a chicken coop for Penang with kids in school

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Malaysiakini Exclusive:

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The following images were taken on site in Sungai Asap

Overview of the Penan longhouse reconfigured from an abandoned chicken coop.
View of the Penan longhouse area where they make parangs for sale.
A panoramic view of the longhouse used by the Penans for housing.
One of the government schools which is about one km away from the Penan longhouse.
Some of the non school Penan children in the longhouse.
Two of the younger kids in the longhouse.
Young Penan mother with her child.