Lim Guan Eng dinner in Johor marred by protesters

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng scheduled dinner in Segamat was greeted by protesting crowd numbering hundred or so comprising local residents calling themselves as Suara Anak Johor at the Siang Hai Kee Restaurant in Kampong Abdullah here recently.

The group, some of whom were holding up banners was said to be protesting against CM Lim Guan Eng presence in Johor.

Banners were found to display words like “Amaran keras! Lim Guan Eng tidak layak berpijak di bumi Johor.” literally translated to mean ” Strong Warning! Lim Guan Eng is not fit to step in Johor soil” and “Kami anak anak Johor membantah kehadiran Lim Guan Eng ke bumi Johor” tranlsated to read as ” We, the people of Johor protest against the presence of LIm Guan Eng in Johor soil.”

Police dispersed the protesting crowd just before Guan Eng arrival at the restaurant at about 8.15pm.

Komunitikini was made to understand that the organised protest was the result of Guan Eng who was allegedly to have commented in a private meeting in a neighbouring country that “Johor is an unsafe place to visit.”

Johor PKR women wing chief, Natrah Ismail said, the visit by Guan Eng has not created any problem even when the group were protesting infront of the restaurant.