Managing the stray animal population

From the Facebook page of MDDB: “Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better project is a canine welfare initiative spearheaded by non-profit outfit Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII) and dedicated to the rehoming of rescued and abandoned dogs.”

Rentakinitv paid them a visit on October 9th at the Summit shopping complex in Subang Jaya where, on the second Sunday of every month, they have an adoption drive.

MDDB is advocating a Trap, Neuter, Release, Manage programme which they hope city councils would find agreeable in meeting the problem of strays.

TNRM programmes have found success in neighbouring Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand as well as in India and Nepal. In this programme, stray dogs are captured, neutered and released into communities and monitored.

We speak with MDDB’s Wani Muthiah.