Speaker prevented from addressing corruption in human trafficking cases

Anne Keyworth, 65, a social activist, was abruptly stopped after touching on corruption in her presentation at the 2011 Workshop on Reporting on Trafficking in Persons’ here in Kota Kinabalu recently.

Her paper, Handling Issues on Trafficking in Persons: Roles Played by Public Agencies, raises issues of corruption in government agencies, and her presentation came to an abrupt end with her walkout.

The Star’s deputy executive editor, Lourdes Charles, who was the moderator of the session reminded Keyworth that she had five minutes left to speak after a 20-minute presentation. Keyworth had asked the organisers for an extra 10 minutes to complete her presentation prior to the workshop.

“Why was I asked to stop talking when I mentioned corrupt police officers in my presentation? Why was I asked to stop talking after presenting my paper for 20 minutes?”she questioned.

The two-day workshop was jointly organised by the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) and the US Embassy.

Keyworth is the founder of the Bukit Harapan home and has personally helped many victims of human trafficking particularly in Sabah.

Video by Marcel Chong, Citizen Journalist, Borneo Chapter