Police report no longer needed for lost personal documents

The public no longer need to make a police report for loss or damage of birth, marriage, academic and vehicle registration certificates, a Malaysian passport, a driving licence and a land grant.

This is stipulated under General Circular No. 3 of 2011 issued by the Prime Minister’s Department on Sept 29.

Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Sidek Hassan said the decision to abolish the requirement was made at the Public Complaints Standing Committee’s meeting on April 6 as police reports were actually a non-administrative practice not provided under any law.

He said in 2010, the police received over 2.8 million reports, of which 1.1 million or 40 per cent were referred to other agencies.

“This shows that most of the reports lodged did not merit police actions. The requirement not only inconvenient the public but also does not reflect the image of an effective and consumer-friendly public service.

“On the other hand, the practice adds to police workload in handling police reports. This requirement also resulted in rising cost in police operations and does not add value to the police service delivery,” he added.

Following the abolishment, Mohd Sidek asked all government agencies to identify matters that need the public to submit a police report to government agencies as stipulated under the law.

However, he said this circular did not prevent the public from making police reports and government agencies cannot deter the public from doing so.

– Bernama