Indonesian, Chinese and Indian cultures are part of Selangor identity, says Hasan Ali

Indonesian culture is part of Selangor heritage says the Selangor state exco member for Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs Dr Hasan Ali, as the state gears up to research how the various communities that have lived in the state have contributed to its unique identity.

“There are influences from the Javanese, the Bugis, the Minangkabau and the like. This is Selangor’s history,” he added.

“Maybe there is also influence from the Chinese or Indian cultures,” he acknowledged, but would not venture into “what other elements of culture have bonded to become Selangor culture,” he told Komunitkini after launching a two-day Selangor Identity Convention today.

The convention, held in Subang Jaya was initiated by Selangor Malay Customs and Heritage Body Corporation (Padat) and its Islamic Affairs and Malay Customs department in response to Sultan of Selangor’s call to recognise the state’s heritage last year.

Padat, in a leaflet distributed at the launch, lists the Javanese Nasi Ambeng and Bugis dance as the traditional food and culture of Selangor.

Hasan said experts and historians will discuss the matter at the convention’s workshops and present their findings.

“I am sure each element of culture [discovered] will become part and parcel of Selangor identity,” he said.

The workshops will touch on traditional textile and style; food and cake; design and architecture; music and dance; language and literature; and should also cover the evolution of values universal to the peoples who have lived within the state.

Earlier in his speech, Hasan said he would like to see Selangor as a state with a distinctive cultural identity, and gave the example of Mexico.

“The moment you step into a Mexican airport, from the Mexican sombrero to the curly moustache, the cultural identity is so apparent,” he said.

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, who graced the event, said that state identity is something determined by many historical factors including, sultanates, the state constitution, policies, social realities, and aspirations.

The resolution from the convention will be presented to the Sultan of Selangor before pronounced as the state identity.