Anwar Ibrahim: Kebangkitan Rakyat

A 4 hour thunderstorm could not prevent a mammoth crowd of more than 20,000 people from attending the Kebangkitan Rally 1 held in a vacant piece of land in Seremban Jaya, Negri Sembilan on November 3, 2012.

As early as 4 pm the crowd had already swelled to more than 5 people and Seremban Jaya took on an air of a carnival.

Fooodstalls, souvenirs and textiles stalls  lined the streets surrounding the field where the Rally was to be held.  However, by 5.30 pm, it started to rain drenching everything in its way.

Most of the crowd seek shelter on the five foot way of the shops in that area.   By the time the Rally commenced at 8.30 pm the thunderstorm abated to a manageable level. Even as it rained, the crowd at the Rally kept swelling.

By the time Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim addressed the crowd at about 11 pm, the sky had already cleared up. In this video, Anwar Ibrahim talks about the theme of the Rally which is Kebangkitan Rakyat.

Here are some images taken during the Rally:

This panoview was taken around 5 pm just before the thunderstorm
By the time Anwar ibrahim took to the stage at 11pm the rain had stopped
Opposition Leader, Anwar Ibrahim addressing the crowd of more than 20,000 people
Closeup view of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim