PJ: Student attacked with metal chains by gang of bikers

 A gang of motorbike-riding robbers is on the prowl and they recently staged an early morning raid where they attacked their victim with a metal chain before robbing him in Petaling Jaya.

A City & Guilds (UK) advance diploma student of Despark Auto Academy in Section 13, Petaling Jaya was attacked and robbed by a gang of motorcyclists recently.

Kenneth Wong Yong Seng, 18, from Tawau, Sabah told SEA Park police that he was attacked and robbed in front of the house gate by a motorcycle gang robbers at Jalan 19/8 near the overhead bridge of the SS2 Puay Chai Primary School in
Petaling Jaya.

“I was returning home after a friends’ gathering around 2.50am and was opening the gate when about eight to ten people in eight motorcycles suddenly came from behind me and one of them charged and attacked me with a metal chain,” said Kenneth.

“The attack was so sudden. There was no warning and no time for me to react. The man with the metal chain came charging and was swinging it at me and hitting on my face, head, left arm and legs. I was totally helpless.

“I was groaning in pain and I could feel the blood draining from my face,” added Kenneth who required three stitches below his right eye and two stitches each on his left temple and upper right lip.

“Then they snatched my wallet from my pocket but they missed my mobile phone which was inside another pocket. I was in pain and shock and did not take down the registration number plates of the EX5 motorcycles.

Kenneth Wong shows the extent of injuries on his legs and left arm inflicted on him by a chain attack.

Kenneth said his wallet contained about RM500 cash, Identity Card, driving license, ATM card and Fitness Gym membership card.

Kenneth’s housemates who came out to investigate the commotion saw him bleeding on his face and quickly sent him to seek emergency treatment at University Malaya Medical Centre (UMCC).

Kenneth believed he was not the first victim of the “attack-and-rob-motorcycle gang robbers” as he had heard a policeman at the SEA Park police station where he made the report said it was ’kes sama’ (the same case).

“I urge the police to quickly hunt down the gang of motorcycle robbers and bring them to justice. These people are dangerous and violent and they have no qualms about hurting people and will strike again.

“I was fortunate the chain did not hit my eyes. If the chain had hit me just a few centimeters closer, I would have been hit right on my right eye. Thank God it didn’t. It was so close.

Kenneth hope the police would step up more patrolling in the area to deter more of such crimes.”