Brand new cars go to seed

Brand new cars are been stored in open space under extreme weather condition, subjected to heat, rain and dusts in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Ayer Rajah Road in Penang.

Leaving brand new cars unshielded has adverse and detrimental effects on new vehicles.  The proper storage place should be inside a building, where it is cool, dark and dry.

Since April, Citizen journalist Lim Boo Seng have “kept an eye” on this unethical practice by some unscrupulous business person(s). It is believed, that this have been going on for several years.

The average man on the street has to fork out thousands of ringgits,in instalments, to own a car.

Yet, they are been exploited by negligent profiteers.

Surely, brand new unregistered cars deserve better treatment and care.

The manufacturer of this make of popular cars, should immediately reprimand those responsible, failing which the manufacturer reputation and image may be jeopardised.