The Green Walk Day 6: Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

The Chairman of the Anti Lynas Green Walk, Mr Wong Tack wrote on his wall post,  ” To fulfill my duty as a responsible citizen of this land, I will walk from Kuantan to Parliament House, beginning Nov 13th 2012.”

In an interview with Wong on November the 18th,  six days into the 300km walk Wong said, ” When I planned the walk, I was prepared to do it all alone.  When I started the walk on November the 13th from Kuantan, to my surprise more than 50 people joined in the walk including 13 Kenyahs from Baram, Sarawak.

Today is something I never expected, it is extraordinary and I am very touched.  More and more people are coming to realise the true meaning of this walk. ”

More than 500 people of all races and religion, took part in today’s walk from Mentakab to Lanchang.

The main purpose of the 300km Green Walk is  to pressure the government to stop the Lynas rare earth plant in Kuantan which is expected to commence operation soon.

The following images were taken along the Mentakab Lanchang Road on November 18, 2012

Wong Tack (centre) on Day 6 of the Green Walk.
A total of 13 Kenyahs from Miri, Sarawak walking in solidarity with the Himpunan Hijau.
A family of 5 in the 7 hour walk from Mentakab to Lanchang.
It is never too young to start learning about the need to protect the environment.
This senior got talent.
Age, religion, race and gender not a criteria in this Green Walk.
Cycling enthusiasts never leave home without their bicycles but stay true to form in this Green Walk.
A roadside massage by the doctor.
I was told the lady in the centre is Singapore TV celebrity Tay Yin Yin and she walked all the way.
Wong Chin Huat, Bersih Steering Committee member, a man who walks his talks.
Two Orang Asli from the Tasik Kenyir region taking part in the walk.
Some participants of the Green Walk taking a break in the shade.
All dressed up to to walk under the hot sun.
This is Pak Jabit's house in Kg Rantau Panjang, Lanchang where particpants will spend the night before proceeding to Karak the next day.


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