“Damn the dams” calls from Baram at 300km Green Walk

On the 6th day of the 300km Green Walk organised by the Anti Lynas Movement in Kuantan, Citizen Journalists Malaysia (CJMY) caught up with  Johannes Luwat, age 58 who is the leader of the 13 Orang Ulus (comprising of Kenyah, Kayan and Penan tribes)  taking part in this epic 300km walk from Kuantan to Parliament in Kuala Lumpur to draw public awareness to environmental and human rights issues in Sarawak.

Johannes Luwat, age 58 a Kenyah originates from the Baram region taking part in the 300km Green Walk to bring public awareness to environmental and human rights issues faced by the indigenous people in Sarawak because of the dams.
"A yenti dam" (in Kenyah language meaning "Damn the dam" ) calls from this group of Kenyah people whose homes will be submerged when the Baram Dam in Sarawak comes into operation
Sun, rain or hail will not stop these Kenyah ladies from reaching their final destination to hand over their protest memorandum to Parliament on the building of the Baram Dam in their homeland, Sarawak