SS16 traffic congestion becoming unbearable

Statement by JMC Saujana Reseidency

On September 28, 2011, residents at SS16/1 woke up to the tragic news of an explosion at the neighbouring Empire Gallery shopping mall.

Residents here, namely at Saujana Residency, have been bearing much of the brunt caused by the explosion. As most people in Subang Jaya are already aware, the whole stretch of the road leading to Empire Gallery (SS16/1) is well known for its traffic congestion and its legendary anarchy when it comes to traffic rules.

The situation has only worsened since last week, with the authorities shutting both eyes. Vehicles trying to inch their way choke both directions, and the situation aggravates each time the nearby malls shut their doors. To make matters worse, hundreds of cars are parked illegally all over this stretch of road, and repeated complaints and emails to the authorities, especially to MPSJ, were met with deafening silence.

Yesterday on October 3, there were approximately 200-300 vehicles parked illegally in this area.

Outstanding and Current Issues

1. Illegal Parking at Jalan SS16/1, Jalan SS16/2, Jalan Jengka, and Jalan Kemajuan Subang is causing traffic congestion. Two Bomba access lanes to Saujana Residency are being blocked by these indiscriminate parking everyday. This has seriously compromise our safety.

2. The situation gets worst in the evening, weekends, public holidays…there would be hundred of cars parked illegally at the both side of the road despite the fact the area has ample car park lots, including a new open car park recently carved out presumably to cater for the new cinema at Subang Parade. One can’t help notice that these lots are almost empty during peak time, because people chose to make good the unwritten pledge by MPSJ not to take action against illegal parking. Currently, a vacant land adjacent to the Digital One entrance has suddenly turned into a busy illegal car park and is slowly turning into a favourite dumping ground for construction debris.

3. Motorists keep making illegal U-turns near the entrance to the KTM Subang Jaya station and Carrefour (Jalan SS16/2), and the delivery vehicles as well as those belonging to shoppers are almost permanently parked right in front of the entrance at Carrefour, beside a sign warning them of towing activity for illegal parking offence. This cause the traffic to choke.

4. Buses parking on single lane road (Jalan SS16/1) waiting for passengers from KTM Subang Jaya. Again this cause massive traffic jam during peak hours.

Our months of pleas and requests for action from MPSJ to solve the traffic chaos have gone unnoticed for reasons only they are able to tell. There is very little evident to suggest that actions are actively taken by MPSJ against all this while has only emboldened these selfish motorists, bringing all activities to a virtual standstill on the road and causing suffering to law abiding motorists.

Construction works at Empire Gallery

As if the traffic chaos were not enough to cause residents sleepless nights, we now have to literally lose sleep over the round-the-clock repair works at Empire Gallery which involved drilling, hacking and other heavy machine activities. Last night at 11pm, we could still hear loud noise from jack-hammering at Emprire. We would like to know if the approval for 24/7 work has been given by MPSJ and on what ground?

Our Proposal

Since MPSJ has not been able to deal with the issues above effectively. We would like to propose the following for immediate implementation:

1. MPSJ to declare SS16 as “Saman Kunci” and Towing zone with signages warning. The summonses are not effectively al all against these errant motorists. Again, we would like to reiterate that there are ample parking facilities available nearby.

2. Implement one way traffic flow at Jalan SS16/1 and Jalan SS16/2 (see attachment). We would like MPSJ to give us a firm commitment re implementation date

3. Big [X] mark in front of the Bomba lanes to indicate no parking, no waiting and towing for violation

4. Consider setting up a permanent booth for the Enforcement officers in this area as this is one of Subang Jaya’s busiest spots and by right, any local council worth its salt would endevour to make the place the example of strict enforcement and prudent traffic management.

What we are witnessing we fear is the precursor of what is yet to come – the construction of LRT and the proposed SJCC.

How do we manage the traffic chaos when the residents of Subang Jaya meet the eventuality?