Tenants barred from entering Empire Shopping Gallery

Tenants of the Empire Shopping Gallery are prohibited from entering their shops a day after the explosion which ripped through 40 shops, injuring  four people.

The shopping complex management said the building will continue to be closed until Selangor Fire Department concludes its investigation.

Authorities have warded the entire ground floor with plywood, keeping the blast scene hidden from outsiders.

However, unconfirmed reports say tenants from the office and Soho blocks and hotel guests were allowed access to collect their valuebles as the buildings located above the shopping complex remained intact.

Empire gallery owner, Mammoth Dh Empire Holdings, has also engaged international  public relations consultant Edelman to handle the fiasco.

Workers pushing wheelbarrows were seen going in and out of the place. It is known that the investigation findings from the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department will be released tomorrow.

Housing and Local Government Minister Chor Chee Hiong is expected to visit the location at around 4pm today.