Grasshoppers as exotic food

Although labeled as paddy pests, grasshoppers, have great potential for commercialisation as one of the exotic food in this country.

A food trader at Pasar Besar Pasir Puteh, Bidah Abdullah, 59, said there was always better demand for the grasshoppers during the rice harvesting season, which is from August to October each year.

“Since I started the food business over 20 years ago, I always take the opportunity to sell grasshoppers and it is well received,” she said yesterday.

Bidah said she bought the grasshoppers for RM25 per kilogram and sold it for RM30 per kg.

Meanwhile, a fan of fried grasshoppers, Hasnah Aziz, 59, said she and her family frequently bought the grasshoppers every time it was sold at the market.

“My family love the grasshoppers, it tastes good especially when fried, more delicious if it is cooked ‘kerutuk’ and enjoyed with rice,” she said.

– Bernama