Hug a tree for luck at Gaharu Tea Valley

Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng (GTVG) was set up some 20 years ago, covering 300 acres of elevated grounds and at one time, there were approximately 200,000 Gaharu trees.

At that point 90% of the produce was to meet demand from global markets, primarily the Middle East, China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

According to travel logs, the species that is grown at Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng was adapted from Japan and brought to Malaysia by Gaharu Technologies Sdn Bhd, enabling the company to harvest a significant amount of resin from the trees within six to ten years of their growth.

At GTVG, tourists  will enjoy an expansive view of the Agarwood trees grown in the area, apart from breathing the fresh air.

Guests of GVTG will also be taken to the 20-year-old mother tree, the seeds of which have been used to propagate trees inthe plantation, located at the valley’s highest point, surrounded by splendid panoramic views.

Tourists will be given a tour to the vast tea valley including a 20-year-old giant Gaharu tree, which tourists are encouraged to hug for luck.

The Gaharu tree or (also known as wood of the Gods) has been well known for its medicinal value since ancient times, as well as for  its tea, incense and perfumery products.

Tourists will soon be taken to a spot that is under construction, where the one tall tree  is accompanied by a white tree.

According to the tour guide-cum-driver, the tall tree represents an orang asli who has fallen in love with a Caucasian girl (represented by the white tree).

An interesting tale that will add interest and excite the curiosity of those visiting the Gaharu Tea Valley.