Dogs tortured and left for dead

By Shenaaz Khan, President of Malaysian Animal Welfare Society

Another horrific animal abuse case has come to light. Postings of a badly battered dog have surfaced on Facebook, displaying the total and utter disregard Malaysians have for animals.

The photo shows a bloodied dog lying lifelessly in the back of a truck. The abusers are seen grinning with glee, having just beaten a poor defenceless animal motionless.

Such is the state of animal cruelty in this country. It has gone beyond barbarism. Heartless, vicious and evil animal abusers continue to exact brutalities upon animals with no repercussions or remorse. Meanwhile, the authorities sit
idle, awaiting directions on whether to care or not!

We demand that they care and that they take immediate action against the perpetrators. The faces of the abusers are clear in the pictures.

The name of the company is visible on the truck as is the registration number.

The authorities have no excuse to not investigate this heinous crime urgently and expeditiously and catch the inhumane
culprits responsible for such an atrocity!

Link to photos!/groups/15997486213/