Two boys drown at holiday resort in Maran

Two boys were found drowned in the swimming pool of a resort at Jalan Beserah, within a mere 25 minutes after their family from Felda Lepar Utara, Maran checked in for a holiday.

Samsol Ibrahim, in his 30s, discovered the lifeless bodies of his sons Mohd Firdaus Samsol,7, and Mohd Ridzuan Hakim Samsol,5, at the bottom of the pool about 12.35 pm yesterday.

According to Kuantan District CID Chief, DSP Kamaruzzaman Jaafar, the boys had been left behind at the resort while their father went out in his car to buy drinks about 12.10 pm.

Their mother, also in her 30s, had stayed behind in the room, he added. “Samsol came back 10 minutes later and frantically searched for his sons and was shocked to see them at the bottom of the pool,” he said.

– Bernama